Get Involved

1) Raise Awareness

Put a magnet on your car3646e279-785c-4d8e-ad42-d1af8d70b6eaor a sticker on your phone!d78523cf-00bb-43e3-8657-5324dec571c8



2) Prayer Projects


We know that all of our efforts to save unborn children from abortion must be undergirded by prayer.

Mass Project

To this end, one of the ideas discussed at the 20/20 Summit was to have Masses offered once per month in as many different Catholic churches as possible. This is a very doable, and very powerful project. For more information, click here.

The 20/20 Prayer Pledge Projectuntitled-designUntitled design-7

Calling all Christians! We need YOUR help with banning 20 week and later abortion in New Jersey by the year 2020. We know that all of our efforts to save unborn children from abortion must be undergirded by prayer. Therefore, we are asking people to make a simple, but powerful commitment: To pray for the 20/20 Project every day from now until  December 31, 2020.

Are you willing to commit to pray each day to saving the babies in the womb? Click here for more information.

Email us at to let us know that you made this pledge!

3) Contact your NJ State Senator and Two (2) Assembly Members

Contact your NJ State Senator and Assembly Members and ask them to support A3452/S2026, the “Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act.”


  • Senator Steven V. Oroho [R, 24]-Primary Sponsor
  • Senator Joseph Pennaccio [R, 26]-Primary Sponsor
  • Senator Michael J. Doherty [R, 23]-Cosponsor
  • Senator Anthony Bucco  [R, 25]-Cosponsor
  • Senator Jeff Van Drew  [D, 1]-Cosponsor


  • Representative Ronald Dancer [R, 12]-Primary
  • Representative Gail Phoebus [R, 24] -Primary
  • Representative Anthony M. Bucco [R, 25] -Primary
  • Representative Robert Auth [R, 39]-Cosponsor
  • Representative Erik Peterson [R, 23] -Cosponsor
  • Representative Parker Space [R, 24] -Cosponsor
  • Representative John DiMaio [R, 23] -Cosponsor
  • Representative Sean T. Kean [R, 30] -Cosponsor
  • Representative Michael Carroll [R, 25] -Cosponsor
  • Representative BettyLou DeCroce [R, 26] -Cosponsor

• To find your (1) NJ State Senator and (2) State Representatives by district/town, click here:

• To find contact of your NJ State Legislators listed by last name click here:

• To find your two US Senators, click here:

• To find your US Congress Member, click here: